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March 05, 2001
If Rick Reilly writes one more sappy article with a title like The Real Super Bowl Winner, I suggest you fire him.—WILLIAM WALLBANK, Howell, Mich.
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March 05, 2001


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If Rick Reilly writes one more sappy article with a title like The Real Super Bowl Winner, I suggest you fire him.

Scales of Justice
Thank you, Rick Reilly, for reminding us that the Ray Lewis story is about two real people with real families who were murdered following last year's Super Bowl (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Jan. 29). Shorty Baker and Richard Lollar are gone, while the men who killed them were free during this year's big game.

Not knowing the facts, it's easy to believe that Lewis was a victim of circumstance, a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I'll accept this as fact: Lewis knows who killed Lollar and Baker. Lewis either has no conscience or has an immensely troubled conscience that could have fueled his extraordinary drive on the football field.
Montgomery Village, Md.

Morality Play
Reilly's article on Kerry Collins made me sick (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Feb. 5). He disses Lewis for not opening up to the press during the Super Bowl and hails Collins for doing the opposite. Yes, Collins was much more open, but it took him more than two years to do so. Maybe if we give Lewis time, he'll do the same.
Clayton, N.C.

As a retired pastor with more than 40 years' experience in inspiring and sometimes helping to reclaim lives, I felt Reilly's column on Collins was perhaps his best ever. Giants fans or not, we who enjoyed Kerry's exploits at Penn State also rejoice in his recovered wholeness.
The Reverend Daniel W. Reid
North Wales, Pa.

I'll take a losing Kerry Collins over a winning Ray Lewis any day.
JACK WEISS, Wilmington, N.C.

Postgame Analysis
Calling the Ravens "Bullies" is definitely out of line (Cover, Feb. 5). This is football, for goodness sake! Being rough and tough is the name of the game. If the Ravens are bullies, then the Giants are surely sissies. Tell them to wear little ballerina outfits the next time they play Baltimore, and maybe Lewis & Co. won't hit them so hard.

A team with a controversial owner, a loudmouth receiver, a defensive player in trouble with the law and a quarterback who many experts say is overrated. Thanks to the Ravens, the heat can now be taken off the Cowboys.
ROGER A. GILBERTSON, Marysville, Kans.

We don't care what you call our Baltimore Ravens, just as long as you remember to call them champions.
KEN RENEHAN, Finksburg, Md.

Defensive Stand
In his article on the Ravens' defense (No Steel Curtain, Feb. 5), Paul Zimmerman exhibits the same lack of class he ascribes to Baltimore linebacker Peter Boulware by using the sour-grapes quote of Giants offensive lineman Lomas Brown knocking Boulware. Apparently Zimmerman and Brown equate class with whining by a losing player to the nearest fawning sportswriter, as if that would somehow mitigate the thrashing New York received in Tampa.

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