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December 20, 1965 | Volume 23, Issue 25

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Sandy Koufax Cover - Sports Illustrated December 20, 1965

December 20, 1965 | Mervin Hyman

December 20, 1965
BASKETBALL—NBA: LOS ANGELES (18-14), the Western Division leader by 3½ games, played six games, winning three, losing three. BALTIMORE (14-17), with victories over the 76ers and the Warriors and a...

December 20, 1965
28—London Mirror-Gilloon29—London Daily Express-Pictorial30,32—James Drake71—Sheedy & Long78—Bob Doty-Dayton Journal Herald79—UPI80—Bud Kamenish81—Mike Alexander, Fred Kaplan82—Fred...

December 20, 1965
Susie Resseguie, a North Carolina State sophomore, set two meet records in her first collegiate competition—the Women's Intercollegiate Swimming Meet in Kent, Ohio—with a 56.8 in the 100-yard...

December 20, 1965
EX-PALESTRASirs:St. Joseph's No. 1 (Scouting Reports, Dec. 6)?

December 20, 1965

December 20, 1965
•Frank McGuire, South Carolina basketball coach, on recruiting talent from the New York metropolitan area: "We have a new delicatessen on the campus, which is nice. Now we need an Italian...

December 20, 1965 | Tex Maule

December 20, 1965 | Edwin Shrake
With their helmets tucked under their arms and their uniforms smelling clean from the laundry, the San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills were standing under the south goalposts at Balboa...

December 20, 1965 | John Lovesey
A onetime London clerk masks his men but not his intentions as he forthrightly sets out to find and develop a team of golf professionals good enough to win the cherished Ryder Cup back from America

December 20, 1965
As pro football peaks in the championship games, Edwin Shrake reports the San Diego-Buffalo contest in the AFL, Tex Maule tells which team should win in the NFL.

December 20, 1965 | Frank Deford

December 20, 1965

December 20, 1965
At 30, Sandy Koufax lives alone in a modest two-bedroom bungalow in Studio City, just over the hill from Hollywood and Beverly Hills. As much as possible, he tries to keep it private. The house is...

December 20, 1965 | Garry Valk
In the article beginning on page 94 John Steinbeck has written one short sentence that pretty well sums things up for us in this end-of-the-year summing-up time. "Sports," he says, "get into...

December 20, 1965 | Virginia Kraft

December 20, 1965 | Robert Cantwell

December 20, 1965

December 20, 1965 | Alfred Wright
Gay Brewer and Butch Baird rode a hot streak to a PGA championship

December 20, 1965 | Charles Goren

December 20, 1965 | John Steinbeck